About us

Sneak Peek is a Los Angeles based denim designer/manufacturer whose goal is to preview exclusive fashion forward trends before it reaches the masses. No one comes close to what Sneak Peek has been providing to distinct and diverse women everywhere.

Established in 2003, Sneak Peek has been leading the denim fashion industry with quality and design innovations. With global distributions and a worldwide following, Sneak Peek is able to relate to every woman’s denim needs. Staying within the realm of affordability, combined with the integrity of premium fabrics and finishings, Sneak Peek always takes pride in knowing what a woman wants.

Our styles cater to everyone’s needs and will continue to offer high end looks while staying monetarily savvy. Impeccable detail with amazing fit and forward concepts, our goal is to always be the go-to beyond basic or novelty piece in anyone’s closet. Every little detail we offer will only elevate the level of confidence that a woman exudes when wearing Sneak Peek. Appreciate and anticipate what Sneak Peek will have in store for you!